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Praise for The Hollow Middle

"The Hollow Middle is a deep, character-driven novel that is masterfully crafted." --Caleigh Rutledge, Literary Quicksand

"John Popielaski uses language with a combination of eloquence and economy of phrase that is refreshing to read. I found myself repeating sentences out loud because I was drawn to their rhythm. The characters feel like real – if slightly eccentric – people, and the situation is an interesting consideration of how we do or don’t change when we suddenly have the money to do whatever we want." --Melissa Bartell, Bibliotica

"The Hollow Middle is...brilliantly peaceful in pace and wonderfully contemplative. For a debut novel, there is sparkling wit and substantial depth." --Pam Stennett, I Write in Books


"Popielaski’s debut novel is not fast-moving. Words like methodical, languid, and thoughtful are better adjectives, as the pacing is deliberate and meandering, and in many ways the trajectory of this book reminds me of a Faulkner novel which oftentimes has an arc so vast that it is difficult to see where it is going." --Jathan Fink, Jathan and Heather

"Thought-provoking story, interesting new premise, and refreshing take on the environment and aging.  I liked this book from cover to cover." --Patricia Hamilton, Patricia's Wisdom

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